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Train Photography Class


Wolfe’s Camera presents:

            Train Photography Class Friday November 15 at 3 pm

            Photo walk gathering at the Great Overland Station Tuesday November 19   11am?

Steam Engine (and other train) Photography Discussion 3 pm November 15

Two speakers – Train buff Larry Tiffany leads us off. Larry is past president of the Union Pacific Historical Society. He is past president of the Topeka chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

Larry will share insights into making great train photos. The Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 will run from Kansas City Union Station to Topeka on November 19. On November 20 the train will run from Topeka to Salina. Larry will share tips on locations for those who want make photos as the engine steams across Kansas. Learn some safety tips, good photo angles and other subject ideas.

                                Mike Worswick, president of Wolfe’s Camera will offer insight into photo making tools and tips to create the best images possible. Mike comes from a history of a grandfather and two uncles who were active in the Santa Fe shops during the steam era. Mike will discuss using exposure controls, lens choices and more to ensure that you get wonderful photos in the limited time available. He will discuss camera angles and photo opportunities beyond just an engine photo.

                                Our presenters will answer questions to get you ready for this rare photo opportunity.

train-03.jpgPhoto Walk Gathering   November 19 (pick your own arrival time)

Engine 4014 arrives at the Great Overland Station, 701 North Kansas Avenue at 11:45 am on November 19. This special train will travel over Union Pacific main line tracks. It is possible that it will arrive late or possibly a bit early with luck. We recommend parking North of the Union Pacific tracks in the NOTO district. There is likely to be a large crowd. Arrive early to get parking and your starting photo location staked out. The size of the engine will be much better to photograph from the north side of the station. Our Friday afternoon presenters will discuss the challenges of black engine photography at high noon. Join members of the Wolfe’s Camera team for this photo outing. Look for our Wolfe’s shirts North of the UP tracks.

The UP Big Boy train will spend the night in Topeka at NW Norris and Clay streets. Speaker Larry Tiffany will be offer insight into the accessibility to make photos at this stop. Train scheduled to depart Topeka 8 am on November 20.

There are lots of photo opportunities in the historic NOTO district. So arrive early and have a great picture making day. There are photo opportunities on the South side of the tracks as well. Just be certain to be North before the train arrives.

There are close-by dining options following your photo shoot. Just Google “Noto restaurants Topeka” NOTO Burrito, The Wheel Barrel, and Bradley’s Corner Café are all in easy walking distance north of the Overland Station. The Pad (one of Topeka’s most popular local hamburger and more fast food restaurant) is 5 minutes North of the station by auto on Topeka Boulevard.

For more information on this Union Pacific Big Boy steam train: