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Panasonic Weekend Roadshow

Panasonic Weekend Roadshow at Wolfe’s

Friday December 7 and Saturday December 8
Shop till 8 pm Friday and 5 pm Saturday

Be sure to stop by while you are out at the December First Friday Event.

Join us for a free class! Enjoy these Learning Sessions with Matt Frazer from Panasonic.

3 pm Friday: Taking photos with post processing in mind - New system cameras can make amazing images with built-in software features that expand picture making options. Make your photos better with in-camera and external tools an apps. See the potential possibilities in this session.

6 pm Friday: Basics of Great Video – Learn tips on use of motion, lighting, lens selection, sound quality and much more.

10 am Saturday: Taking photos with post processing in mind - This is a repeat of 3 pm Friday session.

Register on-line at the form below or call us at 785-235-1386

Learn the latest photo techniques
Learn how today's System Cameras make still and video photography, easier, convenient and efficient. The advances in mirrorless technology has gotten every major camera maker involved. Your old SLR camera was great. But so was every computer when you purchased it. Just like computers your buying now there is a better way with more capability. Come see and hear how new SLR or mirrorless cameras can make picture making so much better. Mirrorless makes night sky, macro, back lite and many other photo situations easy.

matt-frazer.pngYour Expert Teacher

Meet Matt Frazer a pioneer in Mirrorless camera technology. Matt helped introduce the Panasonic G1 the first mirrorless digital camera to the world. Frazer is knowledgeable about the entire mirrorless category of cameras for both still photography as well as video production. Matt is an accomplished videographer. Video is a passion of Matt, he Has produced hundreds of videos. Matt is also an avid photographer, specializing in headshots, senior portraits and street photography.

Panasonic cameras on sale for Christmas at Wolfe’s
Wolfe’s sells a large selection of Panasonic gear. Mirrorless cameras, point and shoot digital cameras, camcorders and accessories.
See our big selection at on our website. Touch and try them at our Panasonic weekend Roadshow.

Panasonic LUMIX GX85 Mirrorless Digital Camera Two Zoom Outfit

Sale $499.99 Save $500 sale end December 15




Panasonic LUMIX G9 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body

Sale $1299 Save $400 at Wolfe’s this week.




Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 24X F2.8 Zoom Lens Digital Camera

Sale $399.99 Save $100

The best value point and shoot at Wolfe’s Camera. Only Panasonic offers a zoom camera with this f2.8 speed telephoto lens. This provides the best opportunity for low light sports, nature and other photos. Bring subjects 24 times closer. There is amazing technology in this simple to use digital cameras.



Panasonic LUMIX ZS70 Digital Camera with LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR Lens

Just $349.99 Save $100

Sleek and slender 30X zoom Panasonic Camera. If you want a camera that can slip into a pocket or purse, take a look at this Panasonic ZS70. Great close-up picture capability. Simple to use.


Purchase your Panasonic camera and lenses from Wolfe’s. Get a three year factory warranty instead of the standard one year. Get a free photo class for two people with camera purchase. Save $80