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Olympus Seminars


Olympus Seminars with Matt Walsh
Learn How Olympus Technology Creates Photos Way Beyond Ordinary.

When: March 29-30
Where: Wolfe's Camera Shop
Cost: Free (but registration required)


matt-walsh-200.jpgFriday 6:30pm–8:30pm Olympus Light Painting Portraits 
Enjoy a light painting portrait class. Attendees will come and take portraits of each other using Olympus Live Composite feature and doing some creative light painting for the background. In the introduction of the class, Matt Walsh Olympus photo expert will discuss other uses for the feature. We will spend most of the allotted time rotating people between taking photos, having their photo taken, and doing the light painting themselves. It’s a very interactive and fun way of showing off an exciting photo process made possible by Olympus technology. Wolfe’s will print enlargements from the seminar for free which will be available for pick up Saturday noon.

Saturday 10:00am–11:30am What Can I Do With All The Technology Packed Inside These New Design Olympus Cameras? 
Find out how the buttons and dials allow you to make incredibly difficult photo exposures easily. Find out about a world of computer power cleverly disguised inside an Olympus camera.