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Memories Matter - Real Cameras Rock


cameras-rock2.jpgCellphones have made the distribution of pictures so easy. Pictures certainly communicate the good and bad of life effectively. A cellphone shot of your car after a fender bender communicates your frustration quickly. The snapshot of an amazing plate of food visually shared with friends communicates delight.

Yet there are situations where a more capable camera does so much more than a cell phone. Most contemporary phones work well within their limits. Real cameras with their added capability create pictures that much more effectively capture the scene and tell stories even better. The difference is like a quick cup of coffee from a convenience store versus a cup prepared by a favorite barista.

Let the people here at Wolfe’s listen to your picture taking desires. Once we understand the kind of subjects, locations and photo goals, we can make recommendations about the situations where you will create better pictures with a real camera.

cameras-rock1.jpgWolfe’s Camera offers the largest selection of the new mirrorless cameras in a multistate area. We stock every brand so you can see and compare. Wolfe’s has not diminished our selection of the long popular SLR cameras either. While many mass merchant retailers have cut back on point and shoot cameras, Wolfe’s continues to offer a large selection of models. One unit is about the size of a cell phone and has a 30 power zoom lens and optical viewfinder built in. This simple camera makes pictures so called “smart phones” cannot achieve. This great Panasonic camera is on sale for $299 at Wolfe’s.

There is a time and place to make pictures with your smartphone and a time to use a real camera. Today real cameras communicate wirelessly to your phone. When you have made some really great images you can share them to your phone and distribute to everyone in your contact list or quickly add to your social media account.

Stop by Wolfe’s. We are camera and photo experts. We will assist you in GEAR selection. We will assist you in PRINTING photos from either your phone or camera. Stop by today.

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