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Fujifilm X-T3 Preview 9/17


Join us Monday September 17th from 11am till 5:30pm for a sneak preview of the new FujiFilm X-T3 mirrorless camera. 

    • Classic Appearance – Amazing picture performance
    • Convenient classic controls – technology improvements inside out perform other cameras

Fujifilm keeps their classic dial settings on the new X-T3 camera. Major camera controls are accessed by visible dials. No need to dig into menus for every photo. Yet the Fujifilm X-T3 has a new quadcore processor and firmware.

Reviewers are making statements like:

"….way more than an upgrade; rather, it's a quantum leap."

"Based on our initial impressions, the X-T3 may be the mirrorless APS-C camera to beat."

Monday September 17 is your chance to preview this new Fujifilm camera. Wait a minute! Fujifilm just introduced the new X-H1 about seven months ago. Both camera models are powerful photo and video tools. Why two… See and compare. Both great cameras with differing control styles. See which one is best for you.

Jamison Ford, technology expert will be here to preview and share the X-T3. To celebrate it’s arrival, Wolfe's and Fujfilm are offering great savings on current models. Save up to $500 off cameras and lenses at Wolfe’s today. Fujifilm has an array of excellent mirrorless system cameras on sale.

Save $500 on the last of our Fujifilm X-T2 cameras. This is still an amazingly advanced camera in spite of the T3 arrival. Talk with Jamison and our photo team to see if you should want a X-T3 or a money saving deal on a X-T2. Fujifilm X series lenses $50 to $300 off at Wolfe's. Medium format Fujifilm GFX cameras and lenses at savings up to $1100 off this week.