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Fujifilm Seminars & Sale


Fujifilm Seminar & Sale
Join Fujifilm Technical Specialist Jamison Ford for two great classes.

When: March 22nd & 23rd
Where: Wolfe's Camera Shop
Cost: Free (but registration required)


jamison-ford-2.jpgFriday 6:30pm-8:30 pm. A Fresh Viewpoint On Making Great Travel Photos.
Jamison will discuss the challenges of photographing while on excursions, domestic or abroad. Learn how to create images in new and unfamiliar places, how to plan and prepare for your pictures, and how to "see" where you travel to make unforgettable images. Jamison will talk about his process for choosing equipment, whether for personal vacations or photographic adventures. He will also discuss the logistics of traveling with your gear!

Saturday 11:00am-12:30pm. Using Aperture And Shutter Speed To Improve Your Photos.
Jamison will illustrate how aperture and shutter speed choice can be used as a tool for creative effects in images. This session is not just about the usual blurred background or frozen motion photos. Learn how these basic camera controls can be used in the context of the image to draw the eye to certain elements or create a more striking image.

Demo weekend bonus. Choose $50 in extra gear free (in-store at Wolfe’s only). You pick it. Free memory cards, camera bag or apply your savings to a Fujifilm X series lens purchase.