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A note from Mike Worswick at Wolfe’s Camera

Hello friends,

Many of us are staying closer to home these days. How are you keeping busy while holding anxiety and stress away? I for one love to read and am thankful for the stack of books in my “to read” pile.

I also started a photo project a few weeks ago. I have gathered well over 2000 photos from my phone, memory cards and desk drawers. I am finding joy in looking at these memories as I get them organized.

Organization of pictures can go two ways in 2020. Some of us want to take the piles of photos stashed in closets and drawers and have them digitized so they can be organized and filed in a computer and other electronic storage files.

Others of us want to get our digital phone photos converted to real pictures organized and into old school photo albums.

What’s right? Both. You need to do what seems right for your life.

This is my personal advice. We should all have a reasonable collection of physical printed pictures in albums. Certainly, with all the phone photos being taken, I am speaking of a curated collection of pictures to preserve memories of people, events and travel. Think of these printed photos as a highlights collection. You may be happy with an album containing just 3 photos from each birthday and other memorable events.

Those of you with stacks of real photos jumbled in a mess of bags and boxes may be feeling stressed. Wolfe’s can help. We have a shoe box service where we scan and digitize these stacks. By saving all your pictures on a flash drive, now you can save the important printed photos and toss all the similar near duplicates.

Let Wolfe’s help!

  1. We will scan any quantity of photos into digital. We scan 500 photos to a USB flash drive. (photos sized 3.5x5”, 4x6” or 5x7”). 
  2. We can scan larger and odd size photos as well. Call us for more details.
  3. Wolfe’s is open our regular store hours. We are sanitizing photo stations and counters frequently. Bring us your pile of photos.
  4. Wolfe’s has many photo albums, photo corners and album pages in stock.

Call us for advice. Come see us with your pile of pictures. Then have a great time reflecting on the good times as we live through this time of limitations.